by Chico Chica

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This is a debut album of the band.


released October 1, 2011

Hilary Cameron, Tom Hannah and Barbara Snow plus guest musicians.



all rights reserved


Chico Chica London, UK

Chico Chica are a London-based band who formed in 2010. The musicians are: Hilary Cameron (voice/piano), Tom Hannah (voice/guitar) and Barbara Snow (voice/trumpet). They made a commitment to produce original vocal Jazz-Pop of the highest quality. Mélangerie, the debut album is out i October 2011. ... more

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Track Name: Harder To Hide
Harder To Hide

You may have noticed a change
You hear it in the happy tone in my voice
Now it's so easy to laugh and smile
I just want to sing and rejoice

My past is a wilderness plain
With scenes of sorrow and a pain-weary pride
A mask perfected goes undetected
But love is much harder to hide
Love is much harder to hide

I put all my feelings on ice
And carried on with my nonchalant smile
Poise and composure would pull ne through
Along with deceit and denial.

But now there's a spring in my heart
I wipe away the tears I secretly cried
I'm revealing what I was concealing
Coz love is much harder to hide
Love is much harder to hide


My heart was a book no-one read
You won't believe how many people have tried
Was there a lover beneath the cover?
You know now what goes on inside
Coz love is much harder to hide.
Track Name: An Unfamiliar World
An Unfamiliar World

There's a fish
Swimming around a little lake
And she's beginning to feel the strain.
Round and round she looks for love
But everyone she meets
Has lacked a certain warmth.

Her blood is cold
And so is her environment
And she won't stop her quest for love.
The tide has turned
She dreams of eggs
But not to eat of course,
She wants to get them laid.

As she looks around
Hunger takes a hold
It dominates her mind
A fishy kind of mindset.

She smells some food
Grabs it and takes a bite
But something sharp has stuck inside her mouth.
She's pulled up fast and high
Into an unfamiliar world

An unfamiliar world
An unfamiliar world
Track Name: Something Fluffy
Something Fluffy

Why can't we leave it all behind?
Let's think of how we'll fill the hours.
We'll go for all the healthy options
A life of beneficial salads and flowers

There's something I saw the other night
(I watched it with you, remember?)
A man and his wife were baking bread
(We'll have to find out how that's done)
Their working week was in computers
But now they've gone for something fluffy instead.

Dreaming and planning their lunch
With a buzz in the air
Off set their footprints with candles
They bought at the fair.

They seem so much happier than us
(And she seemed so much prettier than me)
Perhaps we should follow where they've led
(Would that be Italy or France?)
Let's sell the DVD collection
And go for something fluffy instead.

Dreaming and planning our lunch
With a buzz in the air
Off set our footprints with candles
We bought at the fair.

Let's make a list of things to do
(I'll go and fetch a pen and paper)
Include all those books we've never read
(You must remind me what they are)
And try to get it all completed
Before the day when you and I end up dead
(That won't be for a long, long time)
When life becomes so hard and crunchy
It's time to go for something fluffy instead.
Track Name: Cats Go Out To Kill
Cats Go Out To Kill

Morning brings a bird
On the garden lawn
Where a danger lurks within
He's unaware that yards away
A pair of eyes - a big surprise
A happy cat starts her day.

As the morning wind
Rushes through the air
Instinct starts to rule her will
Thoughts go through her mind
So cruel and so unkind
Coz cats go out to kill.

The bird will never flap his wings
We'll never hear the song he sings
We'll never see the life he lived before.
This time he never got to flee
Or occupy his favourite tree
He's lying dead upon the kitchen floor.

Perhaps I should explain
That life and circle thing
But that won't wash away your tears
It's hard for me to tell a child
This was done - just for fun
Not like it is in the wild.

Watch her walk around
Proud and satisfied
Now that she had her thrill
Don't get too upset about a callous pet
Coz cats go out to kill.
Track Name: This Room
The chair on which he sat has taken on a life of its own.
The warmth, the ghost, the scent, the echo of a soft beguiling tone,
The very air he breathed have made this room a rare enchanted place
It won't be long when I see this room lit up by his face.

To think it's been a week since he turned this weary life around
He came at just the point before this sorry ship would run aground.
But now the days ahead are more than just a dizzy dream's delight
They'll be my starry destiny, path of a fantasy flight.

In the past I never understood
Why hearts would not function as they should
I was like a car that fails to start
His key now turns the engine of my heart.

This room may well appear exactly as it did a week ago
But every other sense detects a golden aura and a glow
My joy is everywhere as long as he's around and in my sight This is my starry destiny path of a fantasy flight.