The Glow of Havana

by Chico Chica

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This is the first in a series of 45rpm 10'' vinyl mini-albums. These four songs feature salsa percussion legend Roberto Pla.


released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Chico Chica London, UK

Chico Chica are a London-based band who formed in 2010. The musicians are: Hilary Cameron (voice/piano), Tom Hannah (voice/guitar) and Barbara Snow (voice/trumpet). They made a commitment to produce original vocal Jazz-Pop of the highest quality. Mélangerie, the debut album is out i October 2011. ... more

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Track Name: I Am a Playgirl
Every morning deals a brand new hand
A dose of pure adrenalin
But losers never seem to understand
That I'm a girl who's born to win.

All my chips are stacked up on the red
I sit and watch that spinning wheel
They tell me I should quit while I'm ahead
But losers think and winners feel.

Look at the cherries all in a row
I'm the luckiest girl you'll ever know
Look at the double six I rolled
I am the rainbow, you are the gold
I am a playgirl.

I'm fine with all the disapproving stares
From those so dull and risk-averse
I'm not that bothered how are they to know
I've got a winning ticket in my purse.

There've been times when I have had a brush
With danger and disgrace
But now I'm fine I've got my Royal Flush
Hid behind a poker face.

Look at the cherries all in a row etc
Track Name: Nice Guy With an Edge
These words are for all you single ladies listening out there
I'm 44, eleven stone with a full head of hair.
My BMI's exemplary and contrary to rumour
I combine finesse and charm with a great sense of humour.
You're not to think I'm desperate all pain and loneliness
I'm the knight in shining armour, you're the damsel in distress.

No woman's fond of being chased
By some emotional basket case,
I'm not this wannabe suicide standing on a ledge,
I'm nice guy with an edge.

Es majo y tiene algo.
No estoy tan seguro.
Creo que me (se) apartaré.
No participaré.
Lo que dice no parece verdad.
Da escalofrios.

I like dining out, dancing, cinema, pubs and parties,
But I've a sensitive side so I do yoga and pilates.
The woman of my dreams is sexy, beautiful and curvy
I won't give too much detail - I might come across as pervy.
If you have emotional baggage, leave it on the carousel
We won't need that when we check in at the Love Hotel.

You'll find I'm loyal and I'm and grounded
Tongues may wag but it's all unfounded
If you're still unsure then I'll make a solemn pledge
I hereby do declare I'm a really nice guy - with an edge.

Es majo y tiene algo etc.

Of course I've had to sex things up to make me more appealing
But accuracy's for bank clerks, I'm more concerned with feeling.
The girls at work don't seem that keen but they don't understand
How to tell between a sex pest and a ladies man
What separates a ogle from a glance is I reckon
Nothing more than 0. 75 of a second.

I'm a regular decent sort of bloke
Who just occasionally makes a bad taste joke
And all that inappropriate stuff- it's just what they allege.
I'm a nice guy - with an edge.

Es majo y tiene algo etc.
Track Name: A Scientific Fact
Singing makes you happy and if you're in any doubt
You need to read the findings of a new report that's out
Researchers got some mice to sing The Londonderry Air
And after that the mice filled in a detailed questionnaire
Results were read and counted now they know how mice react
Singing makes you happy it's a scientific fact.

The evidence is there to see
So if we find ourselves depressed
The science says that we
All must try (Ought )to do as they suggest.

Let's go out there and create
A golden universal fate
Those highly-educated people can't be wrong.

So sing, be happy
And now our vocal chords have twirled
We sing, get happy
Get busy building a better world
With a happy song.

Playing makes you happy this may come as some surprise
The world of work is deemed to be a refuge for the wise.
Some mice formed a Salsa band away from life's concerns
Some would spin on treadmills or they'd do their tax returns.
They thought that this was how they'd keep their self esteem intact
But playing makes you happy it's a scientific fact.

El jugar te hace feliz
Es un hecho scientifico

Dancing makes you happy but perhaps you need some proof
Some get busy with their happy feet while some stand back aloof
They got one group of mice to dance and one they called control
They put some speakers in the cage and played some rock'n'roll.
The first group had that something that the other sadly lacked
Yes dancing makes you happy it's a scientific fact.

El bailar te hace feliz
Es un hecho scientifico

Loving makes you happy and according to research
The smiles belong to those in love not those left in the lurch
But I need to see the evidence and put it to the test.
So I took a stroll around the park to put my mind at rest.
And sure enough the lovers kissed and a little duckling quacked:
Loving makes you happy it's a scientific fact.

El amor te hace feliz
Es un hecho scientifico
Track Name: Private Hands
Dora Maar Au Chat which is probably Picasso's most extraordinary portrayal of the woman who for nearly ten years was his model, muse and lover. She sits provocatively in a large wooden chair and seated above her right shoulder is a small black cat. The painting is remarkable by the brilliant colours and the dense, intricate patterns on the model's dress. On the 3rd May 2006, at Sothebys, New York, Dora Maar Au Chat was sold for 95.2 million dollars. The painting is now in private hands.

I'm in your private hands where I belong
I wallow in their warmth they feel so strong
Of all the gilded beauty you possess
I'm the thing that brings you happiness.
You know lately I've been getting tired
Of strutting round the world and being admired.
This treasure's meant for you alone
More precious than a precious stone
More than anything you've ever known
I'm in your private hands.