Falling, Falling

by Chico Chica

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released April 19, 2017



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Chico Chica London, UK

Chico Chica are a London-based band who formed in 2010. The musicians are: Hilary Cameron (voice/piano), Tom Hannah (voice/guitar) and Barbara Snow (voice/trumpet). They made a commitment to produce original vocal Jazz-Pop of the highest quality. Mélangerie, the debut album is out i October 2011. ... more

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Track Name: Falling, Falling
I soared higher and higher
The more you let the string become unwound
But now you've gone and cut the cord
I'm falling, falling
Falling to the ground

I felt this beautiful rapture
It was the greatest thing I'd ever found
But now you've gone and cut the cord
I'm falling, falling
Falling to the ground

It's over we are falling
We had it all but we're falling
Such a shame but we are falling down.
Track Name: The Happy Pain of Love
I hear my blood sing in my veins
I feel the warm sweet Summer rains
And in the sky I see a dove
He comes to see our happy pain
It's our happy pain of love.

So now you've taught my heart to beat
You see me falling at your feet.
Now I know what you're thinking of:
It's nothing but the happy pain
It's our happy pain of love.

Tears - they'll come and go.
We have joined our hearts together
And now they're tied forever
With a golden thread

So let me worship at your shrine
And let me drink your golden wine
I just can't seem to drink enough
I'm getting drunk on happiness

Tears - they'll come and go.
We've joined our hearts together
Our hearts are tied forever
With a golden thread

Our song vibrates through every nerve
The very least that you deserve
It's written in the clouds above
The words that tell a happy tale
Of the happy pain of love.
Track Name: Birds
As I lay in bed the other day
With windows open to the month of May
I heard the blackbirds trill and pigeons coo
And from those songs I learnt of something new

We never usually give them that much thought
We're used to singing of a different sort
With intro, chorus, verse and middle eight
The'll be some rhyming lines at any rate.

So in a way I'm just like all those birds
Who seem to manage fine without the words.
So I will take a leaf out from their book
Lay down a groove and come up with a hook.

Lyrics may be tender, wise or gentle
But now's the time for something instrumental.
Besides we've really nothing left to say.
We're better off without them anyway.

La la la
Track Name: Ever Since I Met You
Ever since you found me
Love's been all around me
Now I feel it swirling in my heart.

Now I lie here sleeping
Hearing footsteps creeping
Something good is just about to start.

An avalanche overwhelms me
You made the mountain shake.
I know it seems I'm asleep
But really I'm wide awake.

Ever since I met you
I've been trying to get you
Slipping in beside me like a snake.